Abdul Karim Khan - Better Known as Chef Khan

Our Chef

Abdul Karim Khan - Better Known as Chef Khan. Chef Khan’s family heritage has always been cooking, going back generations. He has learned all his cooking skills from his father and his father before. Born in Kashmir India, just a few kilometres from the famous shores of Daal Lake. Chef Khan cooking talents have taken him around the world including Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and now England.

Chef Khans is a traditional ‘old school chef ’ whose talents we are so proud to have secured. Every day at first hand we are fortunate to experience and see this amazing chef at work. It’s our Chef Khans cooking methods, techniques and recipes which we intend to always follow as we expand and evolve.

Chef Khan’s Personal Quotes

• “ The Wonderful Taste Of Food Comes From Passion To Cook , Not From The Ingredients ”
• “ I Want My Food To Be Judged By Those Who Cook Themselves & Not By The Privileged ”
• “ The Food Cooked In Indian Homes & Families Eating Together Is My Inspiration ”
• “ My Best Dish Is Always The Last One ”
• “ When I Stop Tasting My Own Food It's Time To Do Something Else ”
• “ If Money Was Not Invented I Would Not Ask Anyone To Pay For My Food ”
• “ It's My Aim To Achieve Perfection That Ensures I Always Reach Excellence ”
• “ Food is an essential so you may as well enjoy it”