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The food at tuk tuk will be always outstanding and delicious in taste, it is based on AUTHENTIC RUSTIC & REAL INDIAN VILLAGE AND STREET FOOD.
The menu has been specially devised to include the best dishes from the vast rural villages of India which have been gradually introduced to modern busy urban life and metropolitan cities of India.
All our food is uncomplicated using only real traditional Indian ingredients. There are no preservatives, addictive’s or food colorings and everything is freshly made to order resulting in quality food with real taste and flavour. Our chef was described by a leading culinary food journal expert as "A CHEF WHO CREATES AMAZING OUT OF SIMPLICITY"

The service at tuk tuk reflects true Indian hospitality - all visitors to India are always treated with genuine kindness and affection. At tuk tuk we aspire to replicate such hospitality in our service.

‘WE CONSIDER ALL VISITORS AS OUR GUESTS AND NOT CUSTOMERS’. Our success and energy is based on knowing that all our guests receive special care, attention and total satisfaction

One of India's culinary glories is its comforting and seductive street food which provides a feast to ones palette. There is something truly magical about such food being cooked in the open. Indian street food is truly mouthwatering and its aromas really awaken the senses. In India and the Asian subcontinent almost every street corner is lined with mobile food vendors selling sumptuous snack delicacies. It is a way of life for people of all income groups who relish the irresistible rich tapestry of flavors this type of food has to offer

Is a very popular delicious and refreshing street savoury snack. It’s typically served at roadside stalls or food carts in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. It can be eaten alone or as a combination with other foods. The original chaat is a mixture of diced potato, chickpeas, onions, cucumber, tomato, yoghurt all mixed in sweet & sour Indian spices. It's often drizzled with tamarind sauce (imlee) and garnished with fresh coriander leaves. Sometimes Bombay mix is added for extra crunch and spice. Chaat has many variations and recently it has become fashionable to combine it with other choices of Indian street snacks

Is an everyday street food staple and its very common throughout the Asian sub-continent streets cafe and restaurants. A Pokora is created by a piece of vegetable or meat, coated and dipped in seasoned batter and deliciously golden deep-fried. Pakora can be eaten alone or in combination with other foods especially chaat and chutney's

Our special unique Tava cooking method is when real Indian street curries are freshly cooked and finished on a high flame heated cast iron plate called Tava. This traditional rustic cooking method allows the spices to blend much deeper, resulting in the food becoming more tasty, healthy and authentic